Words Out West Radio Special

All kinds of writers are featured in this episode. From Montana’s current Poet Laureate to a couple of songwriters and a Bozeman playwright.

Some of the writers featured on this radio show include, poet Chris La Tray, songwriters Caroline Keys with Nate Biehl, poet Sarah Aronson and short story author David Allan Cates.

The artists performing in this show include:

1. Chris La Tray: Comet (poem)
and Untitled: (poem)
and Untitled (haiku)

2. Caroline Keys with Nate Biehl: Fort Benton (song)

3. Mark Gibbons: Open Country (poem)
& Negative Canon (poem)

4. Sarah Aronson: Flight Patterns (poem)
and Flatland (poem)

5. David Allan Cates: Clean Break (short story)

6. Bobby Lee Springfield: June Carter and Bocephus (spoken word)

7. Margi Cates with Nick Barr: By the Light (song)

8. Greg Owens: Dead Man’s Underpants, directed by Reid Reimers and voiced by Az Sacry and Hamilton Clement (audio play)

9. Mara Panich: Memento Mori—or You Broke a Bowl, Not My Dead Mother (poem)

10. Jade Taylor: Asphyxiation (poem)

11. Cass Sissel: handle with care (poem)

12. Spencer Kellum with Cole Grant: Staying in Sunday (song)

Words Out West is a podcast that features both established and emerging writers of the contemporary West.