Welcome to Words Out West, a podcast where you’ll hear voices from the literary landscape of Big Sky Country and beyond.

We spotlight both established and emerging writers of the contemporary West.

A rapping cowboy, a river-guiding novelist and a bus-riding Poet Laureate are just a few of the folks you’ll hear from on Words Out West.

  • A Mysterious Relationship

    In this episode, our season finale, Words Out West’s own Jay Kettering writes about a mysterious relationship.

    This episode contains some adult language and themes, which may be unsuitable for some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

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  • Personal Landscapes
    In this episode, Mark Gibbons, Shaun Gant and David E. Thomas explore their own personal landscapes. One ventures to where there are no fences, one observes an explosion of life in her own backyard, while another stays close to the tracks. See More
  • Fleeting Nature of Time
    In this episode, David Allan Cates, Sheryl Noethe and Robert Lee mull over the fleeting nature of time. One takes a nostalgic leap of faith, another explains how life never stops, while another makes a plan for when he’s a ghost. See More
  • Grab Bag
    In this episode, we hear from Shane Wheeldon, Freya Jones and Chris Sand, three writers who are hard to put in a box. Therefore, it’s our first installment of the Grab Bag. See More
  • Searching
    In this episode, writers Sheryl Noethe, David E. Thomas, and Sarah Aronson are in the process of searching. One is searching for stories from strangers, another seeks magic from a natural phenomenon, while the other is tracking those who want to get to their destination in the quickest way possible. See More