Robert Stubblefield & Students

Robert teaches Creative Writing (fiction) and Composition at the University of Montana in Missoula. He is the faculty advisor for The Oval, the undergraduate literary magazine at the University of Montana.

Robert has published fiction and personal essays in Dreamers and Desperadoes: Contemporary Short Fiction of the American West, Best Stories of the American West, Hayden’s Ferry Review, Left Bank, The Clackamas Literary Review, Cascadia Times, Oregon Humanities, Oregon Salmon: Essays on the State of the Fish at the Turn of the Millennium, and Open Spaces, among others.

Recent work appears in basaltSouthern Humanities Review, Whitefish Review, and High Desert Journal.

Awards include a Georges and Anne Borchardt scholarship from the Sewanee Writers’ Conference, Fishtrap Fellowship, and Imhaha Writers’ Retreat Fellowship.

Robert grew up in eastern Oregon and now lives in Missoula, Montana.

Cass Sissel

Cass Sissel, born and raised in Montana, wouldn’t consider herself a poet or an artist, but the people in her life would consider her crazy for considering such things. She’s been reading probably too much since the tender age of seven, and when/if the books get old, she’s always turned to visual art. In both her word-based work as well as her visual work, attention to detail is the leading factor of import. Cass believes real magic exists in breaking down the big picture to soak in the beauty of the details.

Donna Arganbright

Donna Arganbright is a recent graduate of the University of Montana, with a degree in creative writing and English education. She grew up on a small grain farm outside of Fort Benton Montana. Besides writing, She enjoys sewing, sitcoms, and the color lavender.

She has works of fiction and nonfiction published in The Oval undergraduate literary magazine, entitled “How Many Field Goals in a Touchdown? and Other Things I Don’t Understand,” “Underqualified and Unenthusiastic,” and “Finding Love on Singles Island.”
Currently, she lives and works as an English teacher in Missoula, Montana. 

Jade Taylor

Jade Taylor is a writer and musician from eastern Montana. Her music, which she co-writes with her brother, won the Emerging Artist Award at the Red Ants Pants music festival in 2019. She is currently studying English and Creative Writing at the University of Montana.