Robert Lee

Robert is a poet and teacher who used to earn extra money as a river guide in western Montana. That summer job served as inspiration for his novel Guiding Elliott, now in its second printing.

His published collections of poetry, include Breath (2018) and Black Bear Holds a Hole in His Paws (l2013), which was inspired by spending three autumns writing in Hydaburg, Alaska, for the Missoula Writing Collaborative. 

Robert has taught for MWC for nearly two decades, and is currently a tutor for the Writing and Public Speaking Center at the University of Montana.He also advises Big Sky High School students on publishing their literary magazine, Aerie Big Sky. “I find that old poets can learn new tricks, especially if we spend time teaching what we think we know,” he says. 

His work has appeared in the anthologies New Montana Stories and Poems Across the Big Sky I & II, and Montana Magazine. His essay, Mid-summer Musings, was nominated for a Pushcart prize.

Robert resides in Missoula with his bride, the lovely Rosemary Lynch.