David Mills-Low

David is a multi-form performer and creator with an eye toward mischief and deep human interactions. He has variously been a touring actor, a playwright, a sound designer, a projection designer, a director, an educator, a casting director, a father, a filmmaker, a singer, a musician, and a podcaster.

A son of preachers and missionaries, David spent his formative years moving from town to town, primarily in Montana, before graduating from Malta High School. From there he attended Boise Bible College, The University of Montana, and Montana State University, achieving his first divorce instead of a degree. The following summer he scored his first professional theatre gig, as a singing and dancing cowboy, and spent the next 20 years working steadily in the region.

He currently lives in Missoula with his 4 kids, partner, hairless dog, two guinea pigs, and a stupid goldfish from the fair that is almost the size of a football. As of this writing he is 6 months from completing an MA in Theatre emphasizing in digital media in live performance and an MFA in Media Arts studying 360 filmmaking and installations within VR. He is desperately in need of a nap.