David E. Thomas

David grew up on the Hi-Line in North-central Montana, graduated from the University of Montana, then found himself on the streets of San Francisco to begin his literary education.

David has published five books of poems: Fossil Fuel, Buck’s Last Wreck, The Hellgate Wind, and Waterworks Hill. FootHills Publishing released his latest book of poems, Old Power Company Road (2019) and Afternoon Stroll.

His poems have appeared in many magazines and journals, and anthologized in The Last Best Place, Poems Across the Big Sky I & II, and New Poets of the American West

David says he’s been, “slogging through the literary trenches under the Big Sky for more than forty years, from a parking lot in Missoula to the peaks of Glacier Park.”

Economic realities drove him to seek and find work, first on the railroad gangs, but also on big construction projects like Libby Dam. He has also worked on a potato ranch, picked cherries on Flathead Lake and traveled extensively in the United States, Mexico and Central America.

He currently lives in Missoula, Montana, eking out an existence as a janitor and odd job man while writing continuously.