The Nature of Love via the Love of Nature

In this episode, writers Brian Laidlaw and Sarah Aronson have come to understand how the nature of love can connect to the love of nature.

Brain Laidlaw: Returning to the Sycamore (poem)

A good old-fashioned love poem?

Sarah Aronson: Flight Patterns (poem)

When love becomes a washed-out road.

Brian Laidlaw: The Reckoning Ball (song)

The tea leaves have a lot to say about the end.

Sarah Aronson: Flatland (poem)

When you’re born in Alaska …

Sense of Sound

In this episode, three writers have tuned into their sense of sound. The sound of memory, the sound of solace, and the sound of place.

Jay Kettering: Doreen (as read by Nathan Adkins) (short story)

The narrator gets broken down and rebuilt by a place. More specifically, by the sound of a place.

Chris Sand: Radio Works Fine (song)

It’s about dudes and their hard-luck lives, but how we can overcome.

Robert Lee: Sounds You Can Feel (poem)

A man hears the passing train cars of his youth, and as time chugs along, he keeps his eyes on the tracks and wonders where they will lead him.

Drinking and Addiction

In this episode, writers David E. Thomas, Sheryl Noethe and Mark Gibbons are talking about booze, and the effect it has from the view of a bus seat, a bar stool, and a lawn chair.

This episode contains some adult language and themes, which may be unsuitable for some listeners. Listener discretion is advised.

David E. Thomas: Eddie’s Club (poem)

A history lesson of Missoula’s iconic bar on the corner of space and time.

Sheryl Noethe: Why I Suffered the Ruined Man (poem)

A moment in time on a Greyhound bus.

Mark Gibbons: Driven (poem)

We get served up a cold one by someone who may be older than she looks.

Pathways to Self-Discovery

In this episode, writers Chris Sand, Freya Jones and Robert Lee are on the path to self-discovery. While on their journey, they run into things like girl traps, peacocks and rattlesnake juice.

Chris Sand: Honky From Montana (poem)

A man figures out who he is, by working out—who he isn’t.

Freya Jones: Girl (short story)

We find someone, who at the age of four, has already had to learn how to fight back.

Robert Lee: Hard Ball Champs (poem)

We meet a nice kid, along with his only fear.

Puzzles of Human Relationships

In this episode, writers Kevin Canty, Shaun Gant and David Allan Cates have put together puzzles—all made up from the pieces of human relationships. One will tally the cost of family, another the toll of an affair, and the other ignites romance.

Kevin Canty: Where the Money Went (short story)

A man tries to sum up what’s happened to his life, and now has to face just how much it’s cost him.

Shaun Gant: In the Evening (poem)

Insects buzz and love is beckoned.

David Allan Cates: Clean Break (short story)

We find a couple questioning their infidelity. The narrator, however, finds out he has an even bigger problem.

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